Supporters & Sponsors

SAPESI is grateful and welcome the support of so many people for the mobile library project. Their assistance enables us to take books to rural schools. Many people are involved, from the importation of the vehicles from Japan to maintaining the smooth running of the buses and overseeing the project where these mobile libraries are deployed.

Sony, for example, is proud to have a deep-rooted and committed relationship with SAPESI. Not only was Sony one of SAPESI’s founding sponsors, but Sony subsidiaries and staff worldwide have also contributed to book collections. 

We also appreciate the support of our sponsors who assist us financially as well as those who freely give of their time to assist us with professional services. Their contribution is vital for the expansion and continuation of the project.


Our Sponsors:


 Sony Group
(global collection of children’s books)


Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mitsui OSK Line
(transportation of Mobile library from Yokohama to Durban)


Honda SA

(supply of generators) 


Sumitomo Corp 

Sumitomo Corp
(financial support)





(global children books transportation)


Grey Africa
(PR and Marketing support)

(financial support)


Bridgestone SA

(vehicle maintenance support)

SA Taxi



Our Supporters:

Toyota SA
(vehicle maintenance support)

Nissan SA
(vehicle maintenance support)

Isuzu Truck SA
(vehicle maintenance support)


Hino SA

(vehicle maintenance support)


Dedicated Freight & Trading cc

Dedicated Freight

(custom clearance)