Donations - what can we use at SAPESI?


 The mobile libraries mainly serve primary schools and the  recipients at these schools are all English second language learners. The following donations will be welcomed:


1. Type

  • Pre-reading material:  Picture books
  • Easy readers: Large print and pictures
  • Reading scheme type books
  • Story books
  • Children's fiction
  • Factual books (non-fiction)
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias 
  • Teaching aid type material 


Encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference material should not be more than ten years old to ensure that reasonably current thinking and trends are reflected.


2. Content 


  • Non-fiction 
    • Up-to-date (preferably not more than 8-10 years old) 
    • Well illustrated and accurate


  • Fiction 
    • Written in English, and of suitable language level for 2nd language speakers
    • Illustrated where appropriate 


3. Condition 

  • Books’ spines and covers must not be damaged 
  • Pages must all be there:
  • No loose / torn pages or cut-out illustrations
  • No pages turning dark yellow/brown with age