Global children’s book support to South Africa (12/31/2013)

The majority of the books required for the Mobile Libraries are children’s books – in their mother tongue and in English. The more schools the buses visit, the more books are required in order to rotate the stock between the schools.

To help alleviate the Education Department’s budgetary constraints Sony companies in English speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia and South Africa have been collecting English children books not only from employees’ homes but also in some countries from the local communities. During the past year SAPESI received more than 32 000 books from these countries and these books are being donated to the rapid expanding Free State Mobile Library service.

Sony Japan supports this project financially and mother tongue books are purchased and supplied with their funding.The Japanese shipping company K-line kindly supports this programme by arranging free container transportation from the above mentioned countries to South Africa. They provide this service in addition to their financial support for the project.