Free State: New challenge – from quantitative to qualitative (12/31/2014)

Most of the Mobile Libraries in the Free State are now providing a service to 40 schools per bus, covering 362 schools, which is a third of all their schools without libraries.

  • Start-up libraries were installed in July by our partner Biblionef, a Cape Town NGO, in ten schools (130-700 learners) in rural areas outside Bloemfontein. This is the first step of a development plan that will assist schools to progress from Mobile Library to School Library.

It is good to observe that each of the schools implemented a unique way of running of their library to cope with challenges such as not having a dedicated librarian. This attitude confirms our conviction that we help those who help themselves.

  • The impact study on Free State Mobile Libraries has started with the collaboration of the School of Education at Free State University. The Flemish Association for Development & Technical Assistance sponsors the study.

SAPESI is excited about this initiative, which will provide data not only on the impact, but also on qualitative aspects whereby the project can be improved.


Free State Motheo bus